Aluminium Heat & Cut Protection Gloves

Are your hands exposed to the risks of high heat? Do you require a superior Aluminized Heat and Cut glove?

Dromex Iron Man and Molten Warrior gloves have high cut and high heat attributes designed for multiple forms of heat including flammability, contact heat, convective heat and molten metal projections, offering you ultimate hand protection! Below describes the mechanical and thermal hazard protection properties of the gloves.

EN388:2016 – Mechanical Protection

EN 407:2004 – Thermal Risks for Heat and Flame Protection

The Iron Man glove are 35cm in length with an open gauntlet wrist allowing ventilation and easy quick removal of the glove.

The aluminized materials reflect radiant heat, reducing high-heat transfer whilst the Kevlar palm can withstand contact, high heat hazards with temperatures reaching a maximum of 500 degrees Celsius.

The Kevlar, Gunn cut construction on the palm gives dexterity but also has excellent durability, high resistance to cut, abrasion, tear and heat hazards. Designed for a multiple range of industries and risks exposure, it is the ideal safety glove for handling sheet metal, sharp metal objects, glass and numerous mechanical applications such as automotive and welding. These aluminium gloves are suitable for furnace, forging and foundry work, as the y provide reflective and insulation protection to the hands used in steel mills, casting shops and heat treating operations.


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