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PV1 – Smoking

PV10 – Tractors and Fork-lifts Prohibited Beyond this Point

PV11 – Use of Compressed Air To Dust Body Prohibited

PV12 – Loose Clothing, Ties, Jewellery and Unconfined Long Hair Prohibited

PV13 – Dumping Prohibited

PV14 – No Stacking, Do Not Obstruct

PV15 – No Entry for Heavy Vehicles

PV16 – No Entry for Vehicles

PV17 – Locomotives Prohibited Beyond this Point

PV18 – Wearing of Safety Helmets Prohibited

PV19 – Carrying of Firearms Prohibited

PV2 – Fire and Open

PV20 – Dogs Prohibited

PV21 – Cameras Prohibited

PV22 – Alcohol Prohibited

PV23 – Littering Prohibited

PV24 – Swimming Prohibited

PV25 – Fishing Prohibited

PV26 – Lighters and Open Flames Prohibited

PV27 – Cellphone Prohibited

PV28 – Drain Pollution Prohibited

PV29 – Lifting on Forklifts Prohibited

PV3 – Thoroughfare Prohibited

PV30 – Lifting on Trolleys Prohibited

PV31 – Handbags Prohibited

PV4 – Water Prohibited as Extinguishing Agent

PV5 – Drinking of this Water Prohibited

PV6 – Proceeding Beyond this Point Prohibited

PV7 – Cycling Prohibited

PV8 – Carrying of Long Material Prohibited