Organisational Structure

International Trade and Commodities 2037 CC T/A: Domoney Brothers is the holding company of its three subsidiary branches, namely: Domoney Brothers EL (Pty) Ltd., Domoney Brothers Port Elizabeth (Pty) Ltd. and Domoney Brothers Bloemfontein (Pty) Ltd. The four entities combined trade under the Domoney Brothers umbrella.

Broad-based Black  Economic Empowerment

All three of the subsidiary branches are verified Level 2 in terms of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), 125% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level and is considered fully compliant.

Domoney Brothers recognises the importance of a multi-faceted, broad-based and integrated approach to B-BBEE in terms of transformation and the long-term sustainability of South Africa. Transformational progress is critical to ensure progress towards stability, equality and prosperity. As a result, Domoney Brothers has developed its B-BBEE policy based on the following principles:

  • The development and empowerment of Domoney Brothers own employees and their families is given precedence at all times.
  • Human resources,  development  and  skills  transfer  remain  critical  components  for sustainable B-BBEE and are perceived to be the key ingredients in the success of any B-BBEE programme.
  • In advancing B-BBEE, Domoney Brothers ensures at all times, that there is a positive net effect on its business interests.