Diverse product range offer a diverse product range within the protective and corporate clothing, health and safety equipment and corporate gifts industries which meets the ever-changing needs of consumers.
Domoney Brothers literally distributes tens of thousands of products that fall under the five main product categories listed above, and more. Thus, only a fraction of what we offer is listed on our website, if you are looking for something specific we more than likely have a solution for you, just ask.

Superior product quality, provide quality products to the market which are durable, comfortable and functional as well as comply with the highest international and national safety standards, South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) or European Standards (EN).

Exceptional customer service, Domoney Brother’s strives to ensure that customers receive exceptional service by:

  • Making sure  that  the  receiving  of orders  from  customers, the processing  of customer orders and the delivery of orders to customers is fulfilled in the shortest amount of time as possible.
  • Customers greeted and served in a friendly and polite manner, while never being left waiting for service beyond what is acceptable or necessary.
  • Sales staff offers customers a wealth of product knowledge and information to ensure that the appropriate product for the customer’s specific use is received in the right quantities, colour and sizing.
  • Regular customers  are  serviced  by  designated  internal  and  external  sales consultants.
  • Free delivery service within the three metropolitan areas Domoney Brother’s operates.
  • Added services include; corporate branding, customer product customisation, needs analysis, product training to workforce, physical sizing of entire workforce and individual packaging.

Value, Domoney Brother’s is positioned as a best-cost provider which entails delivering high quality products and exceptional service at a price which matches, if not beats, that of industry leaders, thus constituting superior value for Domoney Brother’s customers.

Geographical coverage, Domoney Brother’s has three established branches (East London, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein) servicing the entire Eastern Cape and Free State. Although Domoney Brother’s does not have a physical presence in the three main metropolitan areas of the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, the business has been successful at supplying national and international companies satisfying their needs throughout Southern Africa.
Domoney Brother’s conducts free deliveries by means of the businesses own transportation services within and surrounding the three city centres the business operates. In addition, Domoney Brother’s makes use of reputable third-party service providers for the provision of transportation services to customers throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.