The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is South Africa’s data protection law, like that of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What is personal information? It is information relating to an identifiable, living natural (person) or juristic person (business) which can be used to identify a data subject. This includes any information about a person or entity such as a name, identification number, address, online identifiers, gender, race, photos, private correspondence, financial information, etc.

  1. The personal information the Company collects

The Company collects, amongst others, the following personal information:

  • Business details, such as your business name, email addresses, telephone numbers and physical address.
  • Billing information and all other relevant payment information such as VAT registration number.
  • Legally required information, which includes any additional information that the law requires from us to verify your identity.

2. How the Company collects personal information

  • Directly from you when you purchase from the Company or make use of our services, or if the Company requests it from you or from our website.
  • In limited instances, the Company collects personal information from third parties. The Company will only collect personal information this way where such information is publicly available or for legitimate business purposes.
  • Using cookies, which will mainly be used to identify visitors that return to our website. You can prevent us from doing this through a setting on your browser.

3. Use of personal Information

The Company may use your personal information for any legitimate business purposes relating to our services and/or business activities. Some of the purposes for which the Company may use your personal information include:

  • Responding to your queries posted on our website, social media pages or emailed to us.
  • Onboarding you as a customer and verifying your identity (as required by law).
  • Providing you with our services and products.
  • Referring you to other suppliers with your consent.
  • Improving our website and services by analyzing certain information collected, including cookies and other related information.
  • Sending you information (in the form of a mailer) and inviting you to events; and/or
  • Complying with regulatory or other statutory obligations.

4. Marketing

When you become a customer of Domoney Brothers, you will be added to our mailing list data base. The Company makes use of this mailing list to send you important information about our business, the services, and products the Company offers, product developments, news, and possible event invitations. You can also add yourself to our mailing list on our website,

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list, the Company may still contact you in other instances, such as while providing you with services or to collect outstanding fees. In these instances, the relevant employees will contact you directly and not through the automated mailing list.

5. Sharing of personal information

The Company will only share your personal information for purposes of providing services to you or any other legitimate business purpose relating to our business activities, including but not limited to, the protection of our or your rights, complaints, marketing, or enforcing any agreement between us.

Where required for our business operations, the Company may share your personal information with our service providers. The Company only shares information with service providers after the Company has entered into an agreement with the service provider to regulate the way in which the personal information will be secured.

Where the law requires us to do so, the Company may also share your personal information with third party service providers, agents, contractors, employees, law enforcement agencies or business affiliates. The Company will only share your personal information in these instances where it is necessary for us to do so and only to the extent that your personal information is needed for such third parties to perform their services or obligations.

6. Trans-border

The Company may transfer your information cross border for legitimate business purposes only, such as for cloud storage and for billing practices. All information transfer will comply with the applicable laws.

7. Security

The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of your personal information. The Company makes use of various protocols and tools to safeguard your personal information, this includes firewalls and anti-virus software, data encryption and physical and electronic access control to buildings. The Company only grants access to personal information to those employees who require it to fulfill their designated responsibilities.

8. Company website

The Company may include links to other third-party websites which do not fall under our supervision. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for your privacy or the content of the websites, but the Company displays these links to make it easier for you to find information about specific subjects, products, or service offerings.

  1. Right to objection

You may, on reasonable grounds, object to the Company using your personal information. If you object, the Company will stop using your information, except if the law allows its use.

  1. Lodging a complaint

If you suspect of believe the Company is using your personal information unlawfully , please let us know directly (on or 041 451 0778) Also, if you require your information updated or deleted please inform the Company on aforementioned contact details.