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FB1 – Location of Fire Fighting Equipment

FB1.1 – Location of Fire Fighting Equipment

FB10 – Fire Marshall

FB13 – Hand Held Emergency Alarm

FB2 – Fire Extinguisher

FB3 – Fire Hose

FB4 – Fire Hydrant

FB5 – Fire Alarm

FB6 – Sprinkler Stop Valve

FB7 – Fire Telephone

FB8 – Fire Pump Connection

FB9 – Location of Fire Blanket

GA1 – First-Aid Equipment

GA10 – Ladies Toilet

GA11 – Gents Toilet

GA12 – Refuge Chamber

GA13 – Telephone

GA14 – Waiting Place

GA15 – Emergency Telephone

GA16 – Electric Isolator Switch

GA17 – Stairs Going Down (Left)

GA17.1 – Stairs Going Down (Right)

GA18 – Stairs Going Up (Right)

GA18.1 – Stairs Going Up (Left)

GA19 – Eye-wash

GA2 – General Direction

GA2.1 – General Direction

GA20 – Safety Shower

GA21 – Location of Bomb Bag

GA22 – Accessible to Wheelchair

GA24 – Breathing Apparatus

GA25 – Shelter in Place

GA26 – Emergency Assembly Point

GA26a – Emergency Assembly Point

GA3 – Direction to Escape Route (Left)

GA4 – Direction to Escape Route (Right)

GA5 – Manned First-Aid Station

GA6 – Drinking Water

GA7 – Blasting Point

GA8 – Travelling Way

GA9 – Refuelling Point

MV1 – Eye Protection Shall Be Worn

MV10 – Face Protection Shall Be Worn

MV11 – Air-Supplied Hood Shall Be Worn

MV12 – Dust Mask Shall Be Worn

MV13 – Air Extraction Shall Be Used

MV14 – Keep Area Clean

MV15 – Screening Shall Be Used