Attachment Strap Endless Round Sling – 2 Pack BOVA

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Supplied as a set of two slings.

This is an endless round climbing sling that is used to create an anchor point over a structure that is too large for the fall arrest connector hook.

The sling is comprised of 38mm seat belt webbing that is encased into 50mm tubular webbing to protect the equipment against abrasive material thereby enhancing the durability of the sling and improving the safety of the user.

Supplied as a set of 2 units, the user would wind each sling around the structure, connecting one fall arrest connector hook to one climbing sling. It is important to note that the distance from the anchor point (now created on the structure) to the fall arrest body harness anchor point must not exceed 2000mm. I.e. 1 750mm (lanyard length) + length of the endless round cling ling < 2000mm.

WEBBING: 38mm seat belt webbing encased into 50mm tubular webbing for enhanced durability and improved safety.
UV-Resistant polyester webbing with a minimum breaking strength of:
– Straight – 25kN
– Basket – 50kN
– Backlash – 20kN
LENGTH: 1500mm per sling.
SANS 50795 | EN 795 | EN 362

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