Breathalyser Alcofind AF-100S

With many user friendly features, the Alcofind AF-100S is designed for various high volume, rapid testing workplace applications where the alcohol level of employees needs to be controlled with a quick test.

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  • The Alcofind AF-100S is a professional alcohol screening breathalyser equipped with a Fuel Cell Sensor which provides great performance with reliability combined with a long stable lifespan.
  • Capable of high volume testing, the Alcofind AF-100S is capable of a 1 second response time and a 2 second recovery time from a positive test, therefore its a perfect choice for any workplace applications where fast, rapid testing is required.
  • QUICK SCREENING FOR ALCOHOL, LED indicators showing “PASS” or “FAIL” enables the user to quickly determine whether the subject has alcohol in their body.
  • EASY PASSIVE MODE, draws the breath sample simply by pressing the “Passive” button.
  • LOW BATTERY WARNING, advises user when battery is low by means of LED indicators
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, the rechargeable battery has a large capacity and provides long-term use of device. User can charge from any USB port.
  • FAST TEST RESULTS, 2 second warm up time and 1 second response time.
  • LED READING DISPLAY, analyses and shows BAC in five levels of alcohol, which enables the user to check the subject’s detailed alcohol level.
  • LED SIGNAL LAMP, the LED Signal Lamp enables the user to easily control and warn drivers especially during night use.
  • CALIBRATION REMINDER, helps get on-time calibration by letting users know the remaining calibration period for calibration.

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