Breathalyser Alcovisor Mercury with Bluetooth Printer

The Alcovisor Mercury breathalyser offers superb accuracy approved for Police roadside use (US NHTSA & DOT Approved) with a colour touchscreen technology.

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  • Included with this model is a compact wireless bluetooth printer module. The thermal printer WPT-2B allows a hard copy printing of test results when breath sample evidence is required. Test results can be printed immediately on the printer or from the Alcovisor Mercury memory at a later time.
  • The Alcovisor Mercury uses a long term stability platinum electrochemical sensor. This gives the device superb levels of accuracy which is the reason it is adopted by Police forces around the world.
  • The Alcovisor Mercury offers an array of user friendly functionality including colour TFT touchscreen, 10,000 test record storage with 20 fully customisable data fields (name, shift, department etc). All information is easily downloadable to PC for reporting and backup purposes via the optional PC software.


  • 2″ Touch screen
  • DOT approved Evidential Breath Tester (EBT)
  • Wireless Bluetooth printer
  • Input test data with included stylus with no external keyboard
  • Integrated mouthpiece ejector button
  • Records last 10,000 tests in memory
  • LED light guides mouthpiece insertion


  • Alcovisor Mercury EBT
  • Bluetooth Thermal Printer
  • Rugged plastic case
  • Nylon pouch with belt loop
  • Car power adapter
  • Bluetooth printer with rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery charger for printer with AC adapter
  • Printer paper rolls x 2
  • Mouthpieces x 50
  • Screening Cup x 1
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Instruction manual

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