Breathalyser Redline Disposable

The Redline Breathalyser a UNIQUE, self-testing, disposable, simple, inexpensive and laboratory calibrated alcohol Breathalyser, which detects the presence of alcohol  in the body and gives an accurate indication of whether the blood alcohol content has exceeded a specific limit.

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  • A measured volume of air is blown through the glass test ampoule filled with reactive yellow crystals, which turn green in the presence of alcohol.
  • If the colour change  extends beyond the red line calibrated on the tube, then it indicates a blood alcohol level of more than the standard calibration.
  • Taking the test is quick and easy and requires no training.
  • The results are immediate, reliable and accurate.
  • The device is hygienic as it is only used once and the cost is low – COSTING APPROXIMATELY THE SAME AS A DRINK.

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