Fall Arrest Kit Powerlines

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The Fall Arrest Kit Consist:

  • Full body harness with stainless steel hardware and 4 attachment elements
  • 1.75m double leg webbing lanyard including shock absorbing element, one carabiner and 2 pylon hooks for fall arrest
  • 2m Adjustable webbing lanyard for work positioning
  • 2 Attachment straps
  • Hold-all bag

HD / Powerlines Harness

  • Full body harness with stainless steel hardware
  • Padded kidney support permanently attached
  • 4 Attachment elements: 1 between shoulder blades, 1 on Chest and 2 on hips

1.75 webbing lanyard including:

  • Shock absorbing element
  • Carabiner for attachment to harness
  • 2 x pylon hooks

Attachment Straps

  • 2 Attachment straps
  • 1.75 pull to pull

Adjustable work positioning webbing lanyard.

  • 2m Adjustable work positioning webbing lanyard
  • 2 x aluminum alloy carabiners with twist lock and dedicated eye
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