Fire Extinguisher Foam 9 Litre

This stored pressure foam content extinguisher is ideal for multi-risk situation where both Class A combustible materials and Class B, flammable liquid and gases, are likely to be found, or where Class B risks represent a direct hazard.

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  • Construction: deep draw type mild steel cylinder (welded neck and base)
  • Valve brass spec: CZ 122 Die Forging Brass (HPB59-1)
  • Valve body: forged and nickel plated
  • Discharge nozzle: Hose and nozzle
  • Discharge hose: hose EN694 PVC 545mm and 583mm overall length
  • Inner lining: PPA coated
  • Cylinder finish: red epoxy powder coated
  • Effective range: 3-12 meters
  • Height: 610mm
  • Diameter: 176mm
  • Mass empty: 3.9kg
  • Mass full: 12.9kg

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