Harness Bova Excavo Mining

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This is a mining harness with specialised features engineered for those navigating obstacles, below ground, while in a position of fall.

The harness feature 3 attachment points; the dorsal D-Ring enables the wearer to select the correct lanyard attachment for their work requirement, whilst the 2 frontal attachment points enable a rescue to be performed without the wearer needing to detach from the anchor point.

Available in 4 sizes, the harness features fully adjustable straps in the shoulder, chest, waist and leg areas, enabling the wearer to customise the fit for enhanced comfort and better focus in even the most hazardous of conditions. Comfort is further enhanced through added padding to the straps between the shoulder blades and waist area enabling pressure to be spread over a larger area.

The harness comes standard with a suspension trauma prevention strap that can be deployed in the event of a fall, providing the wearer with a standing step to maintain healthy blood flow whilst awaiting a rescue.

WEBBING: 45mm UV-Resistant polyester webbing with a minimum breaking load of 2,6 tonnes.
PADDING: 5mm laminated foam to spread pressure over a larger area.
BUCKLES: Interlocking, corrosion-resistant steel buckles.
SANS 50361/ EN 361

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Spec Sheet - Bova Excavo Harness