Hestia Bunker Suit

Fire-Safe Hestia Firefighters jacket and trousers for structural and medical firefighting operations and rescue work.

  • Nomex® with thermal barrier and moisture barrier: Inherently flame-resistant (FR), non-melting, non-dripping and breathable
  • Wristlet: Knitted Nomex®
  • Reflective tape: 50mm lime and silver or silver
  • Product standards: EN469 and EN 531
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Light weight ensemble
  • Three layer construction: outer shell and liner consisting of thermal and moisture barrier, liner can be permanently attached or removed
  • Jacket: bunny style 84cm long jacket with zip and Velcro® front closure, the extension gusset under the arm and back pleats allows complete freedom of movement, the jacket has two expansion pockets 270mm X 270mm with Velcro® closure, plus one internal waterproof pocket. The extra-large throat tab has a Velcro® closure. Leather on cuffs and knitted wristlet with thumb loop are also added
  • Trouser: waist high trouser with 70mm increased back area, attached 50mm elastic and cotton adjustable braces with Velcro® frontal closure. Two side hip expansion pockets to fit gloves and balaclavas. Leather on leg bottoms. Moisture barrier seams are all sealed to be liquid proof

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