Lanyard Bova Spark Fire Retardant & ARC Flash

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This is a double leg, shock absorbing lanyard with two pylon hooks and a single auto-lock carabineer that is engineered to attach to a dorsal D-ring on a stand-alone, fall arrest harness. This lanyard is engineered from Para-aramid/Meta-aramid blended webbing and is recommended for those who are exposed to burns, sparks and high heat generated through welding and grinding, as well as those working at heights in an ARC flash risk environment.

The shock absorber is protected by a full grain leather cover that creates a non-conductive barrier in the event of exposure to an ARC flash. The double leg lanyard improves safety to the wearer by allowing them to remain attached to at least one anchor point at all times, through the use of one hook, while moving the second hook around the obstacle to a new anchor point. The built-in shock absorber is engineered to reduce the total force experienced in a fall to a survivable force of less than 6kN.

WEBBING: Fire retardant & ARC flash rated webbing, 25mm Para-aramid/Meta-aramid blended webbing with a minimum breaking load of 2,6 tonnes
LANYARD LENGTH: 1750mm when shock absorber is intact
– 3450mm when shock absorber is fully deployed
HOOKS: Aluminium pylon hooks: 60mm gate opening that can withstand a force of 23Kn
CARABINEER: Auto-Lock Carabineer: 20mm gate opening that can withstand a force of 22kN
SHOCK COVER: Full grain leather sock to protect shock absorber from burns created by an ARC flash or sparks
SANS 50354 | EN 354
SANS 50355 | EN 355
EN 362
ASDM F887-13 | ATPV 40CAL/CM


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