Lanyard Work Positioning Adjustable Webbing BOVA

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This is a work positioning lanyard that forms part of a positioning devise system.

The lanyard has been engineered to support the wearer on elevated vertical surfaces such as a structure or pole.

The work positioning lanyard connects a wearer to an anchor point, by looping the lanyard around the anchor point and attaching itself to the side D-Rings of the harness waist belt, thereby enabling the wearer to operate from heights, hands-free.

This must be used in conjunction with a fall arrest system.

The positioning lanyard has been fitted with PVC protective sleeve to enhance durability of the product against abrasive materials and improve the safety to the wearer.

WEBBING: 45mm UV-Resistant polyester webbing with a minimum breaking load of 2,6 tonnes.
LANYARD ADJUSTMENT: 800mm- 2000mm utilising a floating buckle.
BUCKLES: Corrosion-resistant steel buckle.
HOOKS: Corrosion-resistant steel snaps hooks with 20mm gate opening and a min. breaking strength of 22kN.
SANS 50354 | EN 354

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Spec Sheet - Bova Work Positioning Lanyard