Perfect Fit Earplug – Corded

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  • ATTENUATION¬†– PerfectFit earplugs effectively fractures the sound waves and reduces the sound intensity. PerfectFit earplugs complies with the limits specified in SABS 1451 (1988) Part 2.
  • COMFORTABLE – Comfortable Perfect Fit earplugs is a low pressure earplug which virtually eliminates pressure on the ear canal, making Perfect Fit earplugs an extremely comfortable earplug for long term usage. Tapered and pre-shaped, Perfect Fit earplugs are designed to follow the contour of the ear canal, providing easy insertion and a comfortable, natural seal. The winged end promotes optimum insertion depth, and easy grasp for removal.
  • HYGIENE – Work environments are often dirty, and workers’ hands pick up contamination which can easily be transferred to the earplug surface. Perfect Fit earplugs are smooth and soil-resistant which helps prevent foreign material from penetrating them during insertion. Wash with soap and water. Perfect Fit earplugs can be used for months.

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