Respirator Full Face Mask

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  • Polycarbonate anit-mist visor
  • Optical vision of 220o
  • TPR 5-point adjustable head harness
  • Large face seal flange
  • High efficiency exhalation valve
  • Separate mask body
  • Standard Dromex unifit filters
  • Withstands a pull of 15kg
  • One size fits all
  • Polycarbonate anti-fog and impact resistant visor
  • Peripheral optical vision of 220°
  • TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) 5-point adjustable head harness
  • Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 70 ± 3°
  • Large face seal flange
  • High efficiency exhalation valve
  • Withstands a pull of 15kg
  • Suitable for use in chemical, asbestos, painting,  law enforcement, sanding and grinding, search and rescue and general industrial

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