Wildland Goggles

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  • Designed for compatability with other PPE
  • Easy to don with gloves
  • Light weight, non vented goggles
  • Fire resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Fire proof adjustable headband
  • Red fire-retardant PVC eye frame
  • Contoured to ensure a firm fit
  • 260 C, 6/ – 0 C (8.4.6) ASTM F2894 Certified
  • ANZI Z87 Certified
  • NFPA 1977:2016 Certified
  • ANZI Z87 NFPA 1971 and 1977 Certified
  • Suitable for use in working with chainsaws or horses, emergency or first responder operations or with chemical splashes

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